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Dharma Yoga Workshop con Jerome Burdi

data: 10 - 11 marzo 2018
ora: 10:00 - 13:00
presso: Baliyoga Milano
indirizzo: Via Varese, 18 - Milano (MI)
descrizione: ABOUT JEROME

Jerome Burdi is an 800-hour certified Dharma Yoga teacher living in New York City. He teaches master and all levels classes at the NYC Dharma Yoga Center and also shares the teachings in yoga schools around the world. Jerome discovered yoga during a shamanic retreat in Brazil. Since then, he's been enveloped in the path of a yogi. He left his job as a newspaper journalist to go to Rishikesh, India, and become a yoga teacher. Upon returning to NYC, he discovered Dharma Yoga and has been hooked ever since. Though Jerome grew up in NY, he had to go to India to come back and see Sri Dharma Mittra with clear eyes and to hear his message of truth. Jerome's mission is to spread his guru's teachings. He is also a holistic nutritionist and a drummer in the Dharma Yoga Kirtan Band. His website is Omjerome.com.


Dharma Yoga is classic Hatha-Raja Yoga following the Eight Limb path as taught by yoga master Sri Dharma Mittra, who has been spreading the teachings in New York City for 50 years. Sri Dharma, 78, is well known for his Master Chart of 908 Asanas that is in yoga schools around the world.


SATURDAY, March 10

Morning high (1 hour): h.10.00-11.00
The mind is the king of the body. The breath is the king of the mind.
-B.K.S. Iyengar
The best way to start the day and to prepare for asana is to go deep within. Then the physical practice will come from there as well. We will start the day with deep breathing exercises. These will prepare the mind for stillness. Then we will move into concentration and meditation, the highest practices. The workshop will include chanting to stir up enthusiasm for the asana practice and the day ahead.

Master class (2 hours): h.11.00-13.00
This practice will challenge students to dig deep into their determination and will power to achieve great results. None of the asanas are rushed. Students have the opportunity to discover the pose in its full glory and to go deep into a meditative state. We will open and align the energetic body by using the tool of the physical body. Modifications of poses will be offered for beginners. All are welcome!

Yoga Nidra Meditation (1 hour): h.16.00-17.00
Relaxation is the best antidote for impurities. Yoga nidra is an active meditation where the practitioner is led to complete relaxation while in savasana pose.
It is said that an hour of yoga nidra can be as restorative as a full night's rest. Through the active meditation of yoga nidra, one will dispel tension and fatigue and end up feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

SUNDAY, March 11
Psychic Development (1 hour): h.9.00-10.00
This is the highest practice Dharma Yoga has to offer. It is a series of pranayamas leading into a visualization that will bring into your life things you need to succeed on the spiritual path.

The Great Practice (3 hours): h.10.00-13.00
The workshop will include all the aspects of yoga: kirtan, pranayama, meditation, and asana poses in an all levels practice that will focus on inversions, hip openers and backbends. The sadhana will make the body healthy, strong, and flexible and lead students to quiet the mind, build endurance and overcome fears. Included at the end is a wonderful way to relax the body and mind called yoga nidra. It's an active meditation guided by the teacher, a perfect way to end the asana practice. It's said that 30 minutes of yoga nidra is as good as three hours sleep.

- Full Workshop: 100¤
- Saturday Morning (Morning High + Masterclass - h. 10.00-13.00): 40¤
- Saturday Afternoon (Yoga Nidra - h. 16.00-17.00): 20¤
- Sunday Morning (Psychic Development - h. 9.00-13.00): 20¤
- Sunday Morining (The Great Practice - h.10.00-13.00): 40¤

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