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Shakti Yoga Teacher Training - women's Speciality

data: 19 - 21 maggio 2017
ora: 09:00 - 18:00
presso: Satya Yoga
indirizzo: Via E.vanoni 11/2 - San Donà Di Piave (VE)
descrizione: The majority of yoga practitioners and teachers are women, yet so many of us are still practising yoga like a man!

In this groundbreaking teaching training course, a refreshing, new feminine approach to our yoga practice is offered - yoga for and by women.

This special intensive teacher training provides an in-depth insight into Ana Davis' 'Moving with the Moon' practices that incorporate a uniquely feminine approach to yoga.

Learn how to practice and teach a feel-good, feminine approach to yoga that offers a non-linear perspective reflecting the cycles of a uniquely feminine-life.

Learn how yoga can be more sensitively appropriated for the needs of female practitioners as we embrace of our feminine bodies, emotions and psyches.

Bliss Baby Yoga Director and Founder, Ana Davis will show you how to use yoga to support women during our phases and ages - for a healthy menstrual cycle, right through until menopause.

Over these three days immerse yourself in an inspiring and nurturing blend of Feminine Flow Yoga, Restorative Yoga, yoga-pilates, special feminine breathing and meditation practices, and Taoist sexual practices, to rejuvenate your own yoga practice and to share with other women.

By training in this feminine, 'Moving with the Moon' style of yoga for women, you will be joining a new wave of yoga teachers across the world who are realizing that this is becoming an increasingly popular, niche-yoga style providing much needed balance to the more masculine, 'yang' approach to yoga, and ultimately enhancing our health, vitality and wellbeing as women.

Subjects Covered in this unique new Course:

- Feminine Flow Yoga
- "Moving with the Womb" - the principles and practices for a feminine approach to yoga
- Restorative Yoga for Women ("ages and stages")
- Honouring the key life stages - menarche, motherhood and menopause.
This will include an overview of different cultural approaches to these important feminine life transitions - and how yoga and ayurveda can support you through these life stages
- 'Moving with the Moon' - Yoga for all phases of the menstrual cycle including yoga for various menstrual imbalances (e.g.: endometriosis and amenorrhoea) - fall in love with your cycle!
- Yoga for peri-menopause and menopause

Bliss Baby Yoga is a Registered Yoga School (RYS) and Registered Prenatal Yoga School (RPYS). The hours undertaken in this 24 hour, 3-day intensive can be claimed as Continuing Professional Development points with Yoga Alliance. Registrants of this Women's Specialty Shakti Yoga Teacher Training course will receive a Completion Certificate and will be able to use the course hours to accrue these necessary professional development hours

Course Pre-requisites
This course is open to female yoga teachers, yoga teacher trainees, yoga therapists, or those working in a related health field. You will preferably have 6 months to 1 year prior yoga practice experience.

Dates & Times
Friday 19th May 2017
9am - 6pm (8 hrs + 1 hour lunch break)

Saturday 20th May 2017
9am - 6pm (8 hrs + 1 hour lunch break)

Sunday 21st May 2017
9am - 6pm ( 8 hrs + 1 hour lunch break)

Cost and bookings
Euro 340
Shakti Yoga TT + Restorative Yoga TT Euro 500
e-mail: contatta
telefono: 346 5379515
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